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Wedding tips: Five Things You Must Do On Your Wedding Day!

Hello beautiful Bride-to-be!

We hope all the wedding planning is going super well?

We know there’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning the big day, and sometimes the day itself can go so quickly. That’s why we’ve listed below our top five things that you should make a point of doing on your wedding day.

They’re simple but in our opinion, important, as we’ve met far too many newlyweds who had stories to tell on the contrary!

Number 1: Take a Moment… Just For You

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest (if not the happiest!) moments of your life. We’re soooo excited for you right now we can’t quite contain it!

That’s why it’s crucial you take a moment for you and your new husband or wife during the big day. A moment of calm, a moment of stillness, between the perfectly planned schedule.

We’ve met so many newlyweds who say the day goes far too quickly, so make sure you stop, look around, appreciate the very moment, be present and smile…. this is your day, your way, and you should be proud of what you’ve made happen.

Number 2: Have Your Cake and Eat It

It’s the most expensive cake you’ll ever buy, so make sure you enjoy it. We’d never be one to turn down the opportunity to eat cake, yet we meet so many couples who tell us they never tried their own wedding cake (yes… we had to double-take too).

We know… It seems ludicrous at first but by the time you’ve spoken to every guest, eaten glorious food, listened to amazing speeches and partied hard, you wouldn’t want the cake to be enjoyed by your guests and for you to miss out on a slice. That would be, well, just criminal!

Our Tip? Make sure you instruct your caterers to hold back one of the tiers (or at least some of your cake) else you’ll be left feeling disappointed the next day. Depending on how much cake you order, you could save one tier for your first year wedding anniversary, too.

Number 3: Take a Selfie

You’ve married the man or woman of your dreams and you’ll no doubt have a professional photographer there capturing all the action. However, a candid moment taking your own selfie will be one to mark in your favourites forever.

Number 4: Speak to Every Guest

Before you get married, you don’t ever think this will be a problem, however we’ve met newlyweds who recall they didn’t mange to speak to every guest on their wedding day. As a Bride and Groom you will get pulled in a million directions on the day. All happy moments of course, but be prepared and ready for this. You can’t control which cousin or relative is going to jump in and grab you for half an hour, before being whisked away to official photographs or the first dance.

Our Tip? Make a mental note to grab five minutes with every guest. They have afterall, made the effort to be there on your special day. Brief your future husband or wife also, so it’s a joint team effort on the day!

Number 5: Save a Cork

There’s no doubt you’ve spent time, money and energy getting the wedding wine right. Whether you’ve picked a grape that means something to you both, or let the venue guide you, you’ve opted for your favourite choices so there’s nothing nicer than keeping back a cork from one of the bottles that serves your top table. Our Tip? Grab yourself a permanent marker (once you’re married of course) write your wedding date on the chosen cork, and pop it into a stylish vase in your home as a keepsake. You could follow suit with all future moments and start a cork collection of the most memorable moments and places in your life.

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