• Jarret Schubert

Behind the eye - Mobile/Amateur vs Professional Photography

With new smartphone technology offering simple, high-quality photography capabilities to almost anyone, professional photographers face fierce competition for attention and value from amateurs undercutting prices offering to good to be true deals . Too often, their expert, polished photos are compared to pictures taken with a mobile. Even if mobile photography wins for simplicity, professional photography still offers benefits like customization and quality that drive successful marketing and sales.

As a professional photographer, we have the skills, resources, photo quality, and overall experience that our clients are seeking.

This includes a wide range of categories from family and wedding photos through to commercial photos.

There are still many benefits of having a professional take your photos and our 5 top reasons why you should still go with a professional in todays world!

1) Skills - We understand photos, What it takes to take a nice photo to represent you. not only are we capturing the moment, but we tell a story with our images, we value what these photos mean to you. We also understand how to edit and what we can do with your photos to give you the best result

2) Stand out - When a business markets itself through photo and videos, image and video quality are signs of credibility. Lack of good photo quality could be the deciding factor a consumer makes when choosing one competitor over another, for example, studies show that using professional photography in real estate is likely to sell a home 32% faster.

3) Having your family, friends or staff stay focused - Whether it be an event, wedding, newborn or commercial photos for a product line adds a distraction to the day and worry that the photos are not going to of the quality that's needed or wanted. This can be frustrating at times as well.

4) Quality - There is no denial that in this age quality of a photo and image is determined by how much experience someone has. Amateur, beginner or non-photographers lack the training and long term commitment to developing and pushing the limits of what's possible. Don't be caught in a hard situation where there is one chance to capture the perfect shots.

5) Peace of mind - This is the biggest thing, By viewing a photographers portfolio you have the reassurance that the images will be to the standard that your expecting to be delivered and will not be left broken hearted!

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