• Jarret Schubert

Behind the eye - Family photography for you

It may be daunting or even scary to get your family photos done at first and your worried about how your photos are going to turn out.

With my background being in the classic lifestyle portraiture and 8 years of experience shooting, If you have never had your family photos done before it may be a little bit daunting the first time, Your unsure of what you expect and uncertain about the results, All in all you just have to be honest and put your trust forward. You may feel awkward about your shoot and undoubtedly frustrated or scared with yourself.

For the others that may of had a bad experience it might be hard to come forward and want to get them done or think to get them done will be way out of your price bracket. Here are some ways you can calm your nerves prior to getting your shooting done.

1) Have a plan - Sometimes its hard to come up with a plan all on your own, what to wear, what time of day, what style your after its all apart of this and narrowing it down might be scary. Discuss with your photographer what your needs are and sit down together and work out what you want out of the shoot.

2) Do your research - There is nothing worse then getting your family photos back and you don't like them, Don't trust amateur photographers with your precious photos. Find someone that is with you every step of the way communicates with you and prides themselves with working with you.

3) Find reference photos - Looking for reference photos of particular shots can really assist in getting what sort of style and vibe your looking for. From poses to color grading your images. This sets a realistic expectation for your shoot.

4) Do not be afraid to tell your photographer - This is crucial, If your photographer isn't doing what you have expected let them know don't keep them in silence. Your ideas might just be the most creative out of them all.

5) Breath - The best thing to calm your nerves is to breathe, relax and enjoy your photos!

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