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Behind the eye - Choosing your wedding photographer

Updated: Apr 14

Now you might think I’d start this blog post by saying; ‘Pick me. The end’, but no, that wouldn’t be in your (or my) best interests.

There are many talented photographers right here in Tamworth and all over the country, they’re all priced differently and have different styles.

So how do you choose the right one for you? I’m going to cover some points to consider when making that decision and hopefully you’ll be more informed as to who will suit you best.

1) LOVE Their style

This is – in my opinion – the most important part when choosing a photographer.

If you like high-end fashion styled posed wedding images, then look for a photographer that can achieve this, if you want something a little more casual and candid look for one that can cater to this. If you love creative edits then have a look at what they can offer you!

2) Get along with your photographer

There is no point in choosing a photographer you won't get along with at the end of the day, I will spend more time with you then your guests. I have my clients say to me all the time I'm not photogenic I can't smile right on cue etc. But I manage to make them laugh and still have a wonderful time.

Getting a good photographer that you get along well with, laugh, and be silly with is the best because your smiles will come naturally

y and you’ll have one hell of a fun day. I’m a complete goose when I’m shooting couples and often those smiles you see in the images is because the couple is laughing at my stupid antics.

3) If the images are important to you INVEST in your photographer

Professional photography is not for every wedding couple, so if you’re getting a family member or friend, or even a student to shoot your wedding, don’t expect their work to be of a professional level. That would be unfair for them as they may still be learning or do it as a hobby. On the opposite end, if you do want to get a professional photographer, it’s not fair to ask them to shoot your wedding at amateur prices.

Side note: It is also impolite to ask the photographer for unedited/RAW or SOOC (straight out of camera) images – that’s like asking a cake maker for the flour, eggs and butter. Part of what we do is to create the magic with our style of editing after the wedding.

4) Get all the information you can.

Knowing what photographers offer so you don’t book with someone that doesn’t have what you want.

For example, some photographers don’t offer digital images and therefore give you proof albums. Some photographers don’t give out the high-resolution digital images and only give you low to medium resolution images (this means you can’t print them bigger than A4 or so).

Some photographers have wedding coverage that goes by events (i.e. Bride prep to 1hr into reception) and others go by hours (i.e. 1pm to 8pm), so if you need more hours you may need to pay extra if your reception is running late or you want longer photography.

Some photographers shoot predominantly on their own and others always shoot with two photographers. Some offer to add the 2nd shooter at an additional rate.

5) DONT Fall for amateurs

Most of a photographer’s work these days will be on their website/blog so you’ll be able to have a look at the majority of their work before even meeting them. You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram to see what they’re doing on a daily/weekly basis.

Look for creativity and style diversity in their work, Don't go with someone just for their pricepoint you might regret it later on

6) Meet with them

Meeting a photographer in person should give you a good indication of whether they’re right for you and your partner. You can also get any questions answered that you might have and go through sample albums so you know exactly what’s on offer.

Most photographers will offer an obligation-free consultation before you decide to book. Just don’t book with more than 2 at a time as it can get confusing!

During the meeting is when we normally cover your ceremony, reception, and location ideas. You don’t have to have everything organized, but it gives us a rough guide of how your day might look.

You don’t plan a wedding every day so it can be very helpful to have someone draft up the schedule so you can see how things will come together.

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