At Our Heart

When we photograph a wedding or family we believe we're capturing moments in time that will live on forever. We shoot to freeze time, we shoot not just for you but for your future generations, years to come. We shoot to capture a moment, a moment that will never happen exactly the same again. We shoot so you can experience each and every small detail of your day all over again 40 years from now. We shoot to create a time capsule, a time capsule that can be looked at whenever you please. To look back and see a memory, a memory of your friends, your loved ones and everyone that attended your day. To experience it for yourself all over again.


"It had always been a dream of mine to travel the world and make memories, to capture the time standing still and make it tell the story of a thousand words, I started shooting whilst I was 12 years of aged and fell in love with it. I launched JTM Photography "Just Thankful Memories" in 2016, we have since grown and developed it into a nice little business with love and passion that strives for excellence. We are always pushing and exceeding our skills as well as growing as a company but most importantly friends."

Jarret Schubert, 
Leader Photographer & Founder

Outdoor Wedding


We have currently a team of 3 expert photographers, 2 videographers and 2 drones -  Trained in the way we love to capture your moments (Including myself) - The team has been training and learning under myself for the last 4 years to polish and refine their skills every time they shoot. 
We also have a combined knowledge of 25 years of experience at our heart ensuring we do not miss the shots that you are after.


Receive your photos back in 3 weeks from your session date or less.


We will give you a $500
Print Voucher to our store
(Completely on us)



Love particular style or pose? We will do it!

We ensure the shots we take are up to your standard.

We are confident that you will love & treasure your photos.

We will give you:

A 100% Free Reshoot.

In the event we cannot reshoot your photos then:

Your session will be refunded up to 75% of your cost as well as a FULL DAY SHOOT VALUED at $650 FREE



Something happened that reschedules or cancels your session?

We offer a complimentary rebooking with every booking made. 


As well as in the event of a total cancelation receive a refund up to 75% of your session total paid.


Loss & damages

There is nothing scarier then:

- Photos being lost.

- Equipment break down on the day. 

- Or cancelation of your photographer last minute.


In this event we offer a complete 100% no questions asked refund if we can NOT shoot your session, lose your photos or equipment breakdown that leaves us unable to shoot.